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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  August 5, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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and dragging her away. >> she told investigators that he forced her to walk to a nearby playground where he raped her there in the common area. he had some article of clothing covering his face. she was unable to give any other details as far as his description. >> we thought it was a fairly safe community and hope it never happens again. >> reporter: this is bruce leshan in montgomery county. the prosecutor has ruled out the death penalty in the lululemon mured in bethesda. if norwood is convicted for killing murray the most she will get is life parole. >> when you look at the facts i think everybody's reaction is surprise to outrage. >> reporter: in just the last few years maryland has made it much tougher to impose the death penalty requiring d.n.a. proof, videotape of the crime
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or a videotaped confession. >> seeking the death penalty, would be expensive, time consuming and you never know how it will turn out. >> reporter: but the prosecutor that prosecuted the son of sam and ran six years ago for state's attorney says the prosecutor has made a big mistake. >> the death penalty in maryland is the law and if the state's attorney doesn't ask the jury for the option of life in prison or the death penalty the jury doesn't have that option. i'm peggy fox in arlington county. >> i think the guy is pretty brazen. >> reporter: within a stone's throw of more than a dozen businesses a man walks into the bb&t on lee hay lehigh lehighway. >> you think it is a really safe community. >> reporter: he is in his 50s
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or 60s, 6 feet tall and grey hair. >> he has worn a baseball. >> reporter: the same older man has hit four banks in arlington county since june. >> the age of the individual, when he exited the bank may not be bringing any attention to himself and is able to get away without anybody noticing that something has gone on. >> he blends in? >> he blends into the community. >> a rollercoaster of a day. slight dip in the unemployment rate the dow swung more than 400 points before coming to a close. in the end the blue chips rose almost 61 points. president obama has laid out a plan to help more veterans find jobs once they come home from military service. >> we need to do more to make the transition from military to civilian life easier for our
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members. that's why i'm directing the department of defense and vet rans affairs to design what we are calling a reverse boot camp. the problem is that right now we spend months preparing our men and women for life in the military but we spend much less time preparing for them life after they get out. >> the president also wants to give tax credits to companies that hire veterans who are out of work. after his appearance at the navy yard the president signed a bill to end the partial shutdown of the federal aviation administration. the senate was in session for just 56 seconds to end the 13- day stale mate. >> mr. president i ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to calendar 109. the bill be read a third time and passed. the motion to reconsider be laid upon the table with no intervening reaction or debate. any statements related to the bill be placed in the record at the appropriate place as if read.
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is there objection? hearing no objection so ordered. >> in fact, senators jim webb of virginia and ben cardam of maryland were the only senators on the floor for the session much the agreement announced yesterday extends the f.a.a.'s operating budget through the middle of next month. f.a.a. employees and contractors working on construction projects across the nation could get back to work as early as monday. the news is not so good for the u.s. postal service. today it reported a 3.1 billion loss for the first quarter of this year. now the the postal service is asking congress to change or drop a requirement that it pay 5.5 billion into a fund for future disability benefits. have you thought about snail mailing some of your e- mails? it is the concept behind a month long volunteer project out in san francisco. e-mail a letter to one of the project volunteers and they write it out. then the volunteer mails it to
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the recipient. he hopes it inspires people to get back in touch with the joy of putting pen to paper. the post office hopes so too i bet. hopefully things are not moving as a snail's pace on the road this friday night. >> things are certainly getting better although this situation that you're looking at on this video has been here for 75 hours at route 175. heading north on 95 you've got delays beginning in laurel up to the fatal accident. authorities are still there offloading medical supplies from a tractor trailer involved in the accident. just a single vehicle there. and investigating what happened. in the meantime i still suggest you use route 1 or route 29 instead. i just got off the phone with maryland state police and say it may be there for another hour. let's take a look at the maps now. if you're planning to head north on the vw parkway as your alternate you've still got delays here from route 50 all the way up to route 32. not many options for you.
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and now we will take a live look at the southbound side of i-95 looking better here. just a little slow as you head towards triangle. we also have two commuter alerts to let you know about heading into the weekend. tonight at 9 p.m. the left lane of the inner loop of the beltway will close between telegraph road and eisenhower connector. telegraph road will be closed for the work. it will be closed until monday morning 5 a.m. 10 p.m. metro's red line. track work closing at certain stations. there will be shuttle station between rockville and bethesda. that work will wrap up after the system closes on sunday night. anita, back to you. >> grued good to have a heads up. >> we did not hit 90 today. we got a break temps. very nice evening. let's start with beach and boating forecast. if you're a boater be aware of
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thunderstorms tomorrow and also a small craft advisory posted tomorrow evening through saturday morning. waves 1 to 2 feet because of the southeast winds 10 to 15 and on sunday winds still south-southeast. choppy on saturday and sunday. beaches not great. not a disaster. afternoon storms possible on saturday. upper 70s and low 80s. sunday looking at temperatures 80 to 85. water temperature about 71. you go inland to buy groceries they will be in the upper 80s. right now beautiful. 85 downtown. 82 in gaithersburg. 84 in leesburg. we will come back we will talk about the emily. she is on the threshold of becoming a tropical storm. new rankings on the nation's hospitals. how to sift through all that info before scheduleling your next procedure. first, one year ago the ordeal began for those miners trapped underground in chile. a look at how they mark this anniversary up next. 9 traffic now is brought to
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today marks exactly one year since that mine in chile collapsed trapping 33 men below ground. a mass was held in chile to mark the anniversary. four miners spent the day in d.c. helping unveil a new
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exhibit at the smithsonian museum of natural history. it features one of the views to bring the miners back to the surface. a maryland man is out of jail in cuba. he was found guilty of crimes against the state. he says he was working on a democracy plan and meant no harm. today his conviction was upheld. we are hearing jimmy mcmillan is being evicted from his manhattan apartment. he says he pays $872 for the rent controlled unit in the east village and his landlord wants him out so he can raise the rent. still to come. the weekend is here. tgif. topper is back with a full
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>> one, ignition and lift-off -off of the atlas 5 with juno to jupit,.
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juno will take five years to get to jupiter. a journey of 1 billion, 700 million miles. jupiter is like a time capsule of our entire solar system hoping the juno mission will help answer fundamental questions about how planets form. an analysis of the nation's hospital finds perception doesn't always equal reality. 120 hospitals given top rankings by patients have higher than average death rates following heart attacks, heart failure and pneumonia. only howard county general had a lower than average death rate following heart attacks and only vc. had a higher than average heart attack death rate. u.s.a. today's journalist says people need to research their local medical centers before they get sick. >> most of us don't really look at hospitals and think, gee what goes on inside. how well is this hospital performing? and there are ways of checking that out. >> if you head over to u.s.a.
7:16 pm you'll find an immense amount of data. you can search for hospitals with the highest and lowest death rates across the country. the data u.s. a. today used for this analysis comes straight from medicare. over the last several years the agency has really updated hospital reviews online and they are all at your finger tips. britany morehouse shows us how to make that information your ally. >> reporter: studies on dietsz and health. aging and health. environments and health. studies on hospital care. v.a. facilities or trauma centers. studies on emergency rooms. and medical equipment. information is abundant. how do we all make sense of it. >> america has the most extensive health care system in the world yet we don't have the best outcomes in the world. and this is what we are trying to work towards. >> reporter: sharon duly is a formatter registered nurse that is now an educator. she shows me a website which has a hospital compare page. just type in your zip code.
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>> compare any three hospitals together. and it will tell you, does the nurse answer my call light when i come? and the patient will have filled out a survey. and they i will say maybe 50% of the time. or maybe 70% of the time. that is the patient's answer. so you look at what is important to you. >> what's important to you may be a certain condition or a body part. other labels for hospital care include communication with care takers. >> reporter: which is a subjective category. so what about statistics. those are here too. >> what the results are after surgery. what the results are after heart atake. >> reporter: but during our search we find one hospital with on the one hand a death rate for pneumonia better than the national average, whether it be an admission rate for pneumonia, which is worse. >> what would you do. >> i might want to look further into their statistics. were their patients older than average. >> reporter: the key she says is critical thinking and context. britany morehouse, 9news now.
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>> the website doesn't just compare hospitals, it also looks at nursing home, dialysis facilities and medicare plans. we have got the link at the national aquarium in baltimore celebrates its 30th birthday today. that means a weekend full of stuff happening. the celebration starts today including arts, crafts, games for the kids. on monday they are going to be 1,003 cup cakes for lucky visitors. if you happen to turn 30 anytime this year you can get in monday to the aquarium for just $5 instead of the usual 24.95. that is a deal. you turning 30 this year? >> yes. also, bush gardens in williamsburg is offering an app for your smart phone and you can find out information on restaurants and stuff. cool today. we didn't hit 90. day 3. let's start the tropics first. we are monitoring this area of thunderstorms in the bahamas. and it will become a tropical
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storm again. no doubt about that. it will become emily once again. probably by tomorrow morning. right now some pretty big thunderstorms over parts of western cuba but the real circulation we are watching in between cuba and nasa. the track hasn't really changed. in fact, still going to pass offshore which is good. will become a tropical storm. saturday morning wind could be up to 60 miles an hour. then recurves on out to sea which is good. could possibly become a category 1 storm by monday morning. 75 miles per hour. and for more information on the updated forecast of hurricanes, updating it in a little bit. go to our website and check out my blog. after that, it passes by bermuda then goes north of bermuda and then dissipates in the atlantic ocean. so we will keep you posted but i think it will become a tropical storm over the weekend. by the time it gets up into this area between say monday and tuesday it will kick up some pretty big waves at our coast. so the kids are in the ocean.
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be advised. could be some rip currents. 85 right now. 81 in gaithersburg. 84 in leesburg. 82 in fredricksburg. this is a nice change of pace, isn't it? satellite picture, radar combined. a few clouds back to the west. a couple of sprinkles over towards cumberland. oughtle sprinkles staying in the mountains tonight. heating up sunday. muggy tonight. unsettled tomorrow especially west of town. hot by sunday. and hot next week. no doubt about that. for tonight, partly cloudy and mild. mountain showers. by that we mean west of i-81. tomorrow morning slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. 70s and 80s. the storms will be west of town. next seven days. low 90s on sunday. a few less he thunderstorms. less coverage anyway. then 95 on monday with isolated storms. we will keep tuesday dry. we will hold in the 90s.
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low 90s on today and thursday. isolated storms. pretty good chance of scattered storms on friday with highs holding in the upper 80s. no record but heating up next week. >> it will be hot. >> it will be. weird news file. a company in spain super excited for the pope visiting. 1 million pilgrims will travel for the youth day. vatican not too thrilled with the company's products. limited edition rolls come in gold and white. you see it says i love the pope on the packaging. the package also includes special incense used by the catholic chunk. the vatican is upset thinking it is unrespectful. a company spokesperson said is
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there any better to celebrate? i'm thinking the vatican would say yes. make them streamers not toilet paper. >> we will be right back. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. 9news now will be right back.
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somewhere to go. something positive to do when you get there. it sounds so simple but can mean the world to folks who retired a long time ago and may not get around like they use to. friday's hero's, derek mcginty introduces us to an organization that focuses on keeping life interesting. >> fragile and frail. >> reporter: frisky, fragile and frail, they are all here. >> we cover aspects aspects of where seniors are in their life. >> reporter: designed to make life better for older folks in all types of ways. >> we touch 10,000 people annually. we have a variety of programs that we run where from computer
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training, from counselling, case management to nutrition programs, recreation, socialization programs. >> i enjoy coming here exercising. i have been coming here for over seven years. i meet so many 0 interesting people. >> reporter: in other words, she says, to help you get up in the morning when getting up isn't as it used to be. >> hot weather, cold, we come here every day. >> reporter: but for those that can't come there, they will come to you. >> we have staff that go out and do education, we serve lunch to the seniors. >> reporter: the program service's director. >> we have a home deliver meal program where we deliver meals to home bound seniors. >> reporter: but not for dorothy davis. not just yet. >> i like to get up in the morning and get out of the house. so that's what i enjoy. >> reporter: because she has got some place to be.
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derek mcginty, 9news now. >> for more information on other organizations we profile head over to that's our report tonight. i will be right here back with you at 11 p.m. tonight we are working on allegations of a hate crime why they think it took victims days to file the report much . that's tonight on 9news now at 11 p.m. i'm anita brikman. i will see you later and happy friday. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates,
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this is entertainment tonight, the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> we're counting down hollywood's top ten fashionistas. from j. lo's daring design -- >> i love fashion, i always have. >> to gwyneth's sophistication. >> i'm wearing michael kors. >> angelina, beyonce, rihanna. jennifer aniston. >> rihanna has more of a schizophrenic sense of style. >> the fashion divas every designer wants to dress. >> having the couture closet at my whim is a very nice plus. >> plus the biggest fashion misses. >> the host of tttest star, thee secrets. >> she's not afraid to put tout there. who is hollywood's number one fashion icon? >> i certainly don't dress like this every time i go out. >> now, "indepth" on the biggest celebrity stories from around the world. >> welcome to "entertainment tonight," in for mark steines, i'm chris jacobs. >> hi, everyone i'm samantha harris.


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